The last Witcher part2

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Two days of persuasions, then a day full of preparations. All because of an almost adult boy with knowledge so large, that he could supply a thousand libraries and still have some left.

Elek with his friends built a wooden podium, prepared watchers to look over the masses and prepared a safe escape route in case they needed to run. They also asked a few loyal militiamen to join their ranks and to stop the angry mob if necessary. All was prepared on the morn of the fourth day.

“Ready, Lor?” asked Elek and Lor nodded.

During the four days, they've become close – as a father and a son. Elek never had a chance to start his own family. He was tall and strong, but somehow he wasn't favoured by the gods. Maybe, it was because he got too boldonce he turned twenty-eight, or because he became fat after his father died. Anyway, Lor became precious to him.

They left the house and soon appeared at the edge of the town square. People stood there in tens, there could be even more than a hundred of them. Elek got nervous, while Lor did not loose the grip on reality and on his plans. Lor pressed forward.

Everything will be fine, thought Elek as he followed Lor.




That damn speech, argued Elek with himself. I knew, we shouldn't do it, he thought. Lor gazed at him giving him the everything-is-as-it-should-be look.

The mob listened. For a while. Until the question of death took place. When people were put in remembrance of the death of their precious friends, nothing could stop them. Nothing could change their opinions about the Witchers, not even the all-giving heart of the last of their kind.

“I know,” Lor started. “There was death. My brothers and sisters killed your friends or family members. You've suffered a great loss when you were forced to bury your father or brother. And you avenged them. I suffer the same way. I'm the last of my kind, I have no family here anymore. Death is the natural order of mother Arelsien, and it's not up to me to question her judgement.”

Lor paused and looked around.

“But I have found new friends, new family. I love you, I love any of you as much as I love the tree or precious animal living in your woods. No, I love you even more. I cherish any moment spent with you.”

Lor turned and smiled at his friend and father. It was so unnatural to see a Witcher smile that the mob stopped breathing for a moment.

Lor turned back to look at crowd. “Please, forgive me and my kind for our doings.”

People were shocked and Elek saw, that Urukhulumwatalkolorog almost got to their hearts and souls.

“We wanted to protect our precious mother. That's, after all, the reason we came here in the first place. But we did it wrong. My brothers and sisters thought that the only way to reach their goal, was to force people to bend according to their will. They thought you would be subdued once you were shown power. They never wanted a war... the blood... the tears... But I am of a different mind. We can do it differently this time...”

No, thought Elek. His adopted son started something he shouldn't. He opened the door again.

“You still want to restrict us?” someone shouted.

“No, I want you to live in harmony.” Lor replied.

“Does it mean, we can mine gold?”

“Why would you need gold from mother's womb? There's enough of it in the rivers.”

“Can we lumber the trees?”

“Why would you want to kill a creature living for hundreds of years when you can have dead wood? Dead branches will serve you as well.”

“What about food then?”

Lor then argued that crops and herbs were enough for humans, but they could have meat if herds were treated well and with respect.

“You mean that shitty cow has some respect? Aren't humans more than some bloody sheep? Or are we all animals to you?”

The crowd got anxious and everything happened so fast.

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