The last Witcher part3

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Someone in the crowd started it. A shout we are free men sounded through the space. No one knew whose voice it was. An anonymous person hidden among his own drew a sword. A black one. The blade was as dark as the endless pit of death itself, the hilt of shining silver, in fierce contrast to the darkness it held. Even though the sword was glimmering, it was not reflecting the sun light. It rather consumed the surrounding light. Once it got a grasp on the sun rays, it never let them go and they disappeared in the blackness of the blade leaving an no trace.

After the first sword, three daggers appeared. All of them getting quickly through the mob.

Elek panicked. He grabbed Lor by his hand and drew his would-be son out of the podium. Elek wanted them to escape as fast as possible and as soon as possible. Down the back stairs, shouting on the guards to protect them, shouting for help and to find the escape route, shouting...

They came from nowhere. At the least it looked so to Elek.

“Get that Witcher!” Elek heard.

The would-be father stood in front of his kid and stood there in the last moment to protect him from a black dagger. It plunged into his belly.

“Run, run my son,” were Elek's last words.




Darkness. All-embracing darkness. Cold which pierced Elek to the bone and the imagination of fire wasn't helping at all. Frozen consciousness in bottomless pit. That's how Elek described his death later, when he woke up surrounded by a crowd. The sun was high – as it always is at noon.

„What happened?“ he asked still in a half-sleep state.

“Where's Lor?” he asked again and without waiting for the answer, he stood up to look around.

“What have you done to him?” he angered.

“Nothing,” replied Alicus.

“MIRACLE! MIRACLE!” shouted and cheered Simple Ed, a local lunatic and a homeless man.

“Someone shut him up!” said someone in the crowd. Elek wasn't paying any attention to them. He stared at Alicus waiting for him to finish his story.

“He...” Alicus started. “As you have... collapsed, we got around him. And you... you died, I swear you died. And that Witcher... He took your corpse into his arms. I don't know, what he was thinking, but... He cried. I've never seen a Witcher cry, but this one, he cried. And when his tears hit your body, it disappeared.”

Alicus paused.

“Then we wanted to kill him. When his face...”

“It got distorted,”Micah, standing next to Alicus, said eagerly.

“It... He... The Witcher changed.”

Silence. Weird glances, some of them were full of disbelief.

“Into what?” asked Elek. He wanted to know what his son looks like now.

“He changed into you.” said Alicus silently.


The Guardian, last of his kind, cried for a father, who wasn't his, because of death he didn't cause and for the fate he hated. The Guardian, son of the mother Arelsien, gave his life sixteen years after he was born for a human he knew almost for four days. The Guardian sacrificed himself for a bond of friendship, to show that Guardians love humans as much as they love mother Arelsien, because all of them are brothers and sisters, all of them are her children.

It is said that Elek disappeared the next morning. No one knows where to exactly. Some say that he is still wondering in woods, continuing in Guardian's work and never getting old. Some say he got mad, that he lost touch with reality and killed himself in despair. I believe that he travelled, and died peacefully years later.

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